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BlastBall is for Girls aged 4, 5 or 6.       Boys aged 4, 5, 6, and 7 can also play.

Blast Ball Overview

Softball is North America’s favorite pastime, with over 47.5 million kids under 18 years of age participating in organized youth leagues.

BlastBall!® provides an ideal entry level of play for the youngster who will go on to other advanced levels of the game. It is also a great fitness and recreational activity for schools and community programs as well as the family and friends.

BlastBall!® is meant to put FUN back in to the game of Baseball. It is designed to generate fast-paced action, provide recreation and exercise, create enthusiasm and thru simplicity, allow retention of youth participants in the game.

BlastBall!® is very simple to organize and allows:

An inexpensive start-up budget
Minimal operational expense for facilities, equipment or administration.
Does not require significant space to play like soccer, baseball and softball.
Up to 5 BlastBall!® games can be run at the same time on a typical baseball field.
BlastBall!® teaches all five basic fundamentals of baseball and softball:
hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding.
It is also just a ton of fun with fast and continuous action and simple rules.


BlastBall!® Set includes:

  • BlastBase
  • BlastTee
  • BlastBall (2-Pac)
  • BlastBat
  • Cone
  • Line Marker


BlastBall!® is played with a maximum of 5 players per team. A smaller number, such as 2-3 players per team works equally well.

The defensive players take an infield or outfield position. A BlastBall is placed on the BlastTee and the first batter hits the ball and runs to the BlastBase. If the batter reaches the Base (the only base used) before a defensive player either catches the BlastBall in the air (an automatic out) or fields it and yells "BLAST ", he scores a run. If the ball is caught or fielded and "BLAST " is yelled before the runner gets to the BlastBase, then the runner is out. It’s just that simple!

You may end the (half) inning by batting once around the line-up or making 3 outs. For younger players it is recommended that everyone bat every inning and you may not even want to keep score.

The BlastBase is audible, emitting a loud "H O N K " that the kids love whenever the runner stomps on the base. When fielded, the defensive player can throw the BlastBall back to another player, an adult or a SportsNet positioned near home plate (safely away from the Tee).

Gloves/mitts are not needed because of the softness and size of the Ball. The fear factor of being hit is eliminated from the game all together. While batting helmets are not needed because the BlastBall is not being pitched or thrown to make the out, for optimum safety, helmets are recommended.

Field Set-Up

In an open area, like a backyard, field or park, position your BlastTee/home plate so that hitting allows you a safe area of play. Like a regular ball diamond, from the Tee pace off 30 to 50 feet to the right and position your BlastBase (note recommended base distance below). This establishes your fair/foul line to the right.

To the left of the Tee and perpendicular to your BlastBase line, pace off an equal distance and position your Cone. This establishes your fair/foul line to the left.

Now pace off 15 feet directly in front of the Tee and lay out your Line Marker running between the (hypothetical) first and third base lines. This becomes the fair/foul line for play. If a ball is hit inside of that line, it is foul and should be re-teed for another try. If it goes beyond the line, either in the air or on a roll, it is considered in play.

Recommended Blast Base Distance:

Ages 4 to 8 - 30 ft.
Ages 9 to 14 - 40 ft.
Ages 15 & Over - 50 ft.

It’s that simple. You are ready to play! Have A Blast!

BlastBall Set-up


The beauty of BLASTBALL! is that it is an excellent introductory game for a bat and ball sport. It allows for more touches and constant action for young people’s short attention spans. More kids get to be involved and retain interest in a bat and ball concept. The game is safe with a foam bat and ball with no gloves required. All you need is a game set and a backyard, grassy area, or athletic field.

Teams should be no larger than 5 on a side!!!!!!!!

Teams may be even or uneven. 3 vs. 4 or 4 vs. 5.

Key: keep the game moving, with little or no standing around. "5 up" - "5 down". As soon as the last batter has completed batting, hustle in and out. It is extra motivation for offensive players when changing innings, to have to touch the base on their way to their defensive positions in the field. Test leagues have found that kids love to "honk" the base.

If you have an hour of time, 15 - 20 minutes initially could be spent on basic fundamental work - i.e. BASIC DRILLS.

- Toss ball in air and catch with 2 hands(thumbs or pinkies together)
- Short catch with a partner(close at first, gradually get farther apart)
- Grip on throwing ball, two or three fingers along with thumb
- When throwing, stepping in opposition with proper leg
- Pointing shoulder when throwing to a target
- Overrunning the base
- Proper positioning next to batting-tee while hitting.
(HINT: Most kids have a tendency to want to stand to close, to the tee when batting. Keep them back to allow arms to extend.)
- Fielding ground balls with "Palms Up"
- Fielding from the "ground up" one motion (hands start on ground)

- Keep the fundamentals fun, basic, and simple. After all, the key to BLASTBALL! is learning by doing.

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Coaches and Assistants are always needed!
Spend Some Time With Your Daughter This Season

(She won't be little much longer!)

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